A Day With the Black Eyed Peas and John Lennon Educational Bus Tour

Friday September 30th was a great day for the Peapod Academy and Montblanc and the attendees of the Black Eyed Peas concert in Central Park to raise money for programs that alleviate poverty. The day started early with us four representatives of the Peapod Academy’s Media Lab, me (Lorenzo Jackson), Genesis Urena, Petra Wilmer, and Ihor Grynthestiky. We met at 11:30 and discussed the goal for the day, which was to make a short documentary on the concert and our own experiences revolving around how the Peapod Academy is helping us to rise above the astounding poverty rates in New York City. 1.8 million people in New York live under the poverty line, and the concert is to benefit Robin Hood’s contribution to programs, like Urban Arts Partnership, that assist in lowering the risk of poverty.

We met with the staff members of the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus near Central Park. Everyone spoke about their journeys in life and their professions. The students and the staff headed over to the John Lennon Bus and were given their passes for the concert. The students were then given an exploration of the amazing 3 in 1 studio bus. The beginning part of the bus is an audio and video production room; the center studio is for recording and mixing, leaving the end part of the bus a green screen room.

We were given the opportunity to interview Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas, and as we waited we prepared questions and set up for the task. Genesis and Petra were the interviewers, Igor ran the sound and I ran the camera. When Taboo arrived it was lights, camera, action and the interview gave us insight into why Taboo and the Black Eyed Peas felt so strongly about fighting poverty. Taboo spoke about growing up, how arts are important, and the meaning of the concert. The rest of the time we spent collecting footage from around Central Park, even getting to go backstage and film the 60,000 people in attendance as they waited for the concert to start. We went the whole day interviewing people, getting footage of the fans and concert and taking pictures of the very unique Black Eyed Peas themselves. With help from the staff members Hans Tanner, Kyle Baudour, and Ryan L’Esperance the documentary footage was a success.

As the day was ending everyone met back up at the bus to have individual interviews on how the day went and the meaning of the concert to us, the students. I feel taking arts out of school is killing diversity and imagination. If you were look into the crowd every ethnicity was there, and everyone was enjoying themselves, all for good cause. Overall the day was amazing, all the students were great in spirits and we are very thankful to Montblanc and the John Lennon Education Tour Bus.