A Letter to Martin

UAP Teaching ARtist Martin Urbach received this wonderful letter from two classroom teachers.

Hi Martin,

Brianne and I just wanted to share our thoughts with you on today’s 21st century lesson.  Today’s lesson which focused around first graders reading and writing music notes which represented singular and multi syllabic words was really a success with all of our students. You were able to engage students in today’s lesson that are occasionally hard to reach and often distracted.  But the real highlight of today’s lesson was with one student in particular, M.  M. is a student with an IEP, who has difficulty reading and writing on grade level.  However, in today’s lesson she was engaged, participating and more importantly she was capable of reading and writing her own music.  It was motivating to see a struggling student succeed in the classroom. Thank you for such a great lesson. Looking forward to next week’s lesson!

Erin and Brianne