ACADEMY FALL 2013 – Week 1: Expectations

The first week of Academy classes has come and gone and while it’s only been a collective three days, we’ve had a lot of developments. From a very intensive audition process in Music Production to the start of the new Photo & Design class, The Academy is well on its way to carrying over the energy left from the summer. Master Poets is holding their first open mic at Dixon Place on October 24th where they’ll get the practice of performing in a professional setting in front of their family and peers. LifeStories has undergone a transition from found Teaching Artist Julia Grob to Athena Colon and the change has been smooth and well received. Students are ecstatic to work with Athena, saying that she is “so full of energy and enthusiastic” and “very warm and welcoming to the new students.”

With the addition of our community wall, The Academy continues to instill the idea of growth and creative freedom within its community. All in all, the start of our year has been nothing accept invigorating and we hope to maintain a high level of commitment throughout the year.”