Chubby Dash


Use the spacebar to dodge the junk food to see if you can win the Chubby Dash!


Chubby Dash is an original game created in a one-week Media Mashup challenge by Rameses B, Wray C., Mikael H., Eram M., Abel O., and Akbar S., Coding+Game Design students at The Academy at Urban Arts Partnership. The game features 100% student-created code, art, and sound, and was developed using the Unity game/app engine. Take on the role of Chubby Kid as he runs endlessly through an offbeat obstacle course, hurdling unhealthy cookies and hamburgers while recovering his health by consuming broccoli and fruit combos. Watch the timer and see how long you can survive! Future plans include additional gameplay features including an online high score database, animated backgrounds and dialogue, and a port to iOS so you can play Chubby Dash on your iPad or iPhone. 

Sample of Script by students

Sample of Script by students


Academy Game Studio Youth - Akbar Scott
“I wanted to make something that was simple, yet complex. Also, I wanted to create a game that kind of reminded me of Mario. Because Mario’s a really fun game to play and it doesn’t have a lot of violence like other games. Shigeru Miyamoto [the designer of Mario] says violence is just a shortcut to making a game fun, and that violence is not needed in every game. I also wanted to make a game where there was a subliminal sense of humor.”– Akbar Scott, Academy Game Studio Student

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