Focus Group Share-Out: Type Cast meets The Violence Movie

Story by Robert Matos

Viandra McCarthy, representing Kurt Hahn’s The Violence Movie, and Robert Matos, representing MediaLab’s Type Cast


On Saturday, December 4, the afternoon session of the Urban Arts MediaLab team received guests who were students and also filmmakers from the Kurt Hahn Expeditionary Learning School in Brooklyn.

The Kurt Hahn students gave us a preview of a rough cut of their film The Violence Movie, which showed acts of direct and indirect violence both in and out of school. The students featured in the film performed skits and shared personal stories of their encounters with violent situations.

Kurt Hahn students lead The Violence Movie Q and A session.


After the screening we had a Q and A session with the Kurt Hahn students in which we were asked to give feedback. I recommended that they be careful about possible copyright infringements when using archival film clips and that they think about whether they want to present a radical point of view or be more objective.  Other than those two comments I can see their film being very successful and popular with the public.


Then we turned the tables . . .

The MediaLab crew leads a discussion of Type Cast.  Yep, that’s Viandra McCarthy again… She worked on both films!


After The Violence Movie Q and A session the MediaLab crew presented our film Type Cast, which deals with the diabetes epidemic in the adolescent community.  We received useful feedback from the Kurt Hahn in-school crew: they felt a strong connection with our main subjects, Josh and Tiffany, but recommended that we use our audio in a stronger way so that the audience feels like the audio is a character in the film.


Teaching Artist Vee Bravo has some thoughts about audio.


In the end, the MediaLab crew learned something from the Kurt Hahn film crew and they learned a few skills from our side, based on our experiences inside the industry.

Keep checking back over the holidays. . . . There’s always news from the MediaLab crew!