iCONNECT @ Community Action School – MS 258

  • The girls!

On Thursday January 16th, 18 iConnect middle school students from Community Action Middle School (MS 258) had a day filled with laughter and fun on their first field trip to Dave and Buster’s.  The students were excited to take a break from school and enjoy a day of food and games, while bonding with one another and their mentors Marlin & Emmanuel. This was the place and time in which all of their positive hidden energy came out to play.  With an arcade jam-packed with games, it was hard for the students to decide which one would give them the most rewards.  Their happiness and excitement was inexplicable.  By 2:30pm, it was time to head back home after playing non-stop for at least two hours. But one more surprise awaited them, dessert! As many of them said “this has been the perfect day,” which ended by indulging into chocolaty sweets.

Michael, a 7th grade student, expressed his gratitude and said, “I wish you guys could have been at our school last year!”  Through the iCONNECT program, students are learning how to see themselves as leaders, but also as friends in the same community of learners.

-posted by Marlin Almonte, UAP Alum & iCONNECT Mentor