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Rosie Perez’s Favorite Thing: Urban Arts Partnership

Rosie Perez started the Urban Arts Partnership 20 years ago.

Join the #ArtMakesMe discussion and share how art affects your life.

Has a work of art ever deeply impacted or inspired you? Perhaps a song, poem, or painting helped you look at a problem differently.

At Urban Arts Partnership, we believe that arts education transforms thinking and engages young learners. For nearly 25 years, we’ve harnessed the power of art to help students learn, graduate, and go on to establish successful futures. This September, we are launching #ArtMakesMe, to share stories of transformation told by our students, alumni, teaching artists and more to ensure that arts education remains at the forefront of groundbreaking educational reform.
Please join the #ArtMakesMe discussion and share how art affects your life. Donate today to help us continue our mission of reimagining public education.unnamed-2