IS 528 Holiday Share

Students in the Video and Visual Arts after school programs at IS 528 in Washington Heights held a Holiday Share event at the school to celebrate present their recent work.



Visual arts students displayed recent pieces covering several projects, all rooted in cultural traditions from around the world.  They discusses their process and decision-making, highlighting various visual arts concepts they had worked on, such as realistic body proportions, symmetry and patterned decoration.


Video students held a screening featuring two of their finished projects, the IS 528 Digital Portrait and “Revenge,” a short horror movie that tells the story of the ghosts of bullied teenagers that haunt the students that harmed them, wreaking havoc on their Halloween party.  They also answered questions from the audience and gave a preview of their current project which consists of paper characters in stop motion scenes with original dialogue.

“Our party is about celebrating the long time we worked together on out videos.  We wanted to show our work.  It’s fun and I have been learning a lot of new things about video.  My favorite thing I learned was to make a stop motion video with characters and making them move so that people couldn’t see our hands moving them.” – Mark, 6th Grade

“Today was a holiday party for the good work in video and visual arts.  I’m in both clubs, so I felt more proud.  I’m excited about the kachina dolls we’re making.  They come from Native Americans and I’m not finished yet, but I really like it.” – Gian, 6th Grade


“In video we’re working on animating paper avatars.  The stories are about heartbreak and friendship and stuff.  I’m excited about what we will try to do in 2012.” – Isabel, 7th Grade

“In visual arts we share our projects.  We help each other to do good work and encourage each other.  We’re working on adding lines and patterns to a photo of a face.  We could do our own face of another face.  I like that so many people get to see our art and when they ask me questions about my art, it makes me feel like a real artist.” – Joseline, 6th Grade