Life Stories Performs at 10th Annual Rebel Verses Festival

Life Stories was invited to perform at the 10th Annual Rebel Verses Festival on March 25th and 27th.

REBEL VERSES is the first youth-based theater festival of its kind. The festival provides a unique opportunity for young artists to write, act, direct and produce theatrical work. Culminating in a two-week run that showcases various youth organizations, young and emerging artists, the repertory format of the festival offers a rare chance for fellow artists to view each others performance and network with their peers.

Life Stories performed an improvisation piece based on the Harold, pioneered by the Upright Citizen’s Brigade.  While we had a structure we had no idea what the content of the piece would be from night to night.  The first performance our inspiration word was “CUPCAKES.”  Amongst the brilliant ideas explored by the ensemble, a couple lines stand out:

“It is: too expensive in Manhattan.”

“I am Vanilla”

The second performance our inspiration word was “DOG.” Not only did this performance climax in our brilliant students getting physical onstage as dogs, but featured such stand-out ideas:

“the dog ate my homework,”

“i was bitten by a dog, and he looked like a wolf, man.”

Life Stories kicked some major booty at the show, leaving the audience in stitches of laughter.