Media Mash Up Week!

What is “spring break”?  At The Academy, there is never such thing as a break as our students continue to put in that extra work to hone and refine their crafts. Yes, the commitment is extremely real. April 14th through the 18th saw 20 Academy students come in to the Urban Arts Partnership to create original short films, ranging from music videos to dance videos to abstract poetry visuals.

Each of the 7 programs was represented during the intensive process, with each student serving a distinctive role. Music production students helped out with recording audio; Media Lab students handled the shooting and editing; even Game Design student Wray Crawford offered his skills in special effects to get the job done.

This experience proves to be an important part of our students’ artistic careers. Brianna Latham found the process useful as it will “help [her] develop multimedia work for [her] students when [she’s] a dance instructor”. They’re also thinking of the experience as a way to advocate for themselves. “This will help us get published. People will be able to see our work on a global platform,” said dance student, Kayla Stewart.

The end of this week culminates in a collective of student work that is submitted to Adobe Youth Video Awards. The Academy and its students hope that their work gets selected to represent the voices of NYC youth.

See some student projects here!
– Manny Minaya, Academy Program Coordinator