MediaLab Summer Program 2010: Here We Go!

Story by Wilmar Castillo, Cinematography Team
Photographed by Ihor Hrynivetskiy, Cinematography Team
Wilmar Castillo behind the camera
Hello, my name is Wilmar Castillo and I am a new member of the Urban Arts Partnership MediaLab film crew. I joined the video production class because I wanted to try something new and meet new people, and my goals are already being achieved. We began the summer program on July 7, and in just three days I’ve already learned so much.
We are currently in pre-production for a documentary about diabetes, which will require good research, hard work and dedication. We chose the topic of diabetes because we are concerned about the high rate of diabetes in the United States. We feel it’s a social justice issue because access to healthy food and healthcare is related to income. The students in my session will interview a teenager diagnosed with Type I diabetes who has limited access to healthcare. In the process, we’ll learn how to utilize a professional video camera, editing equipment, and much more.
MediaLab producers prepare interview questions
Our class is divided into four groups: one of producers, one of cinematographers, another group of editors, and the director. The producers will be in charge of preparing interviews, researching our topic, and overseeing the budget. I’m in the cinematographer’s group: we will be in charge of the video equipment, lighting, and making sure the audio is precise. The editors will be in charge of cutting the footage, graphics, music and animation into a ten-minute short. The director will oversee the production crew and the set. We will use all of these skills to complete our project.
So far the producing team, led by mentors Cristina Guerra and Nick Mendez, has taught us about two of the different types of diabetes and the role insulin plays in the disease. Robert Matos, the cinematography and editing mentor, has taught us how to maneuver a camera while filming and how to scout a location for potential sound issues.
The Cinematography Team preps for their first interview set-up
Video production is very exciting and fun. Everything I’ve learned so far is really helpful and fascinating to me. I’m looking forward to everything this class has to offer. My goal right now is to learn more about editing in Final Cut Pro.
Thanks for reading about our latest production and stay tuned for more updates from the MediaLab crew!