Media Mentor Program

Our Digital Media training program engages talented educators of middle and high school age youth to gain new skills to enable youth to create digital media projects for positive personal and community change. UAP Digital Media Mentors support these educators by modeling effective youth media practices at the program site and coaching educators on facilitation, technical, and creative skills.  Media Mentors provide sites with in person support that enables the educators and young people to successfully complete their digital media projects and achieve the program outcomes.

Mentor Roles May Include the Following:

  • Visit sites in the first month to create a project plan, assess needs and to allocate hours appropriately.
  • Assist with software installation if necessary.
  • Coach and support educators as they implement their digital media projects, helping each site to stay aligned with the values and objectives of the program.
  • Provide expertise on eliciting genuine youth perspectives and ensuring that the media produced is authentic and meaningful to its producers.
  • Guide educators and youth to produce quality work to the best of their abilities and help them deliver finished work that can be exhibited.
  • Provide technical assistance and critical feedback on final cuts or drafts to encourage the production of high-quality finished work.
  • Support educators and their young people in the use of software, computer equipment, video and digital cameras, etc., and provide training as needed.
  • Assist sites in developing exhibition plans for their finished work and help them keep in mind their intended audiences from the early stages of development.
  • Advise sites on technical issues, such as formatting, streaming, uploading, etc.for exhibition of finished work and ensure timely delivery of completed work.
  • Represent UAP and ensure that its philosophy and mission are adhered to by sites.
  • Reinforce the appropriate usage of assets and compliance with licensing and other legal requirements and assist in compiling all necessary release forms and licenses.
  • Contribute ideas and suggest potential exhibition opportunities, not only to the sites served, but also to the UAP sites network as a whole.
  • Provide technical assistance to year-end culminating events in the assigned region.

Mentors are available for a maximum of 10 hours per site.  You must request the visit a minimum of two weeks in advance, and confirmation is dependant on availability of media mentors.

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