Michael Ealy’s Master Class

Students participating in Michael Ealy’s Master Class have been reading Hamlet, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, and other books as departure points for a discussion of action and inaction in leadership, civic responsibility, and character traits for success. The students have been learning basic techniques to improve dynamics of voice, body, and spatial relationships as well as the basic elements of playwriting: setting, stage direction, character, monologue, dialogue, and story arch. Using these basic tools, the students are creating scenes that combine their individual voices with the voices of Shakespeare, Malcolm X, and others. Combining voices in this way, the students have been experiencing a more personal connection with the material. During the Master Class, the students performed their scenes and received critical feedback from Michael.

Student Quotes:

What did you enjoy most about Master Class?
“I was inspired by the constructive feedback the instructor gave us.”
“The main thing that I enjoyed was working with a professional and getting pointers.”


How has today influenced how you think about your art?
“This master class influenced me that my art could go beyond my imagination.”
“I feel that this made me think of more than one perspective.”
“I felt as though it was a big improvement. I feel like I have more ideas for things”