Nagler Scholarship

The Nagler Scholarship award was created by long-time Urban Arts Partnership supporter and Board member Niclas Nagler to support community-minded students who demonstrate a strong need for financial support in their college years.

Each year, a $40,000 scholarship is awarded to one exemplary Academy Senior. Nagler Scholars are committed to their academic success, producing high-quality artistic work, and actively involved in addressing prejudice in their communities.


The first recipient of the Nagler Scholarship was Meagan Villacorta, who graduated from New Design High School in 2007, followed by Frank Turiano, ESCHS 2008, Olivia McClendon in 2009, Jose Lalin in 2010, Joshua Davis in 2011, Devin Mojica in 2012, and Sarwat Siddiqui in 2013.

All of our scholars served as exemplary high school students and Urban Arts young citizen artists who showed hard work, dedication, exceptional performance and growth artistically, academically, and as members of their community.

Nagler Scholarship Recipients