Photo of the Week – May 4, 2012, Part 2

Maxine Batchler and  Jorge Garzon in Are You Gonna Post That?  by Erika Sheffer

The Life Stories Ensemble, co-founded by The New Group and part of the Peapod Adobe Youth Voices Academy, stepped on stage for  “Lost Thoughts (And Other Things)” at The Acorn Theatre on Sunday, April 29. Over several weeks, the students developed characters based on people in their lives, fully sketching their personalities and attributes. Then, they collaborated with four professional playwrights, Aaron Levy, Chisa Hutchinson, Erika Sheffer, and Matthew Paul Olmos, who developed original one-act plays bringing the characters together. Special thanks to our playwrights and guest director Victor Maog! This annual spring performance is also special because we honor the graduating seniors who have contributed so much to the Ensemble over their Life Stories careers.


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