Photo of the Week – September 12, 2011

Urban Arts teaching artists and programming staff gearing up for the school year.

The Urban Arts Partnership programming staff led a back-to-school orientation for new and returning Teaching Artists on Tuesday, September 6th at The Robin Hood Foundation.

The goal of this annual session is to prepare the Urban Arts team for the excitement and challenges of the upcoming year. We welcomed new teaching artists, reflected on last year’s successes, and reinforced policies and procedures.

And what would an Urban Arts event be without a little creativity? Teaching artists met in groups with colleagues who share their art form, and together they created a piece of art to represent what they are most looking forward to this year. The session ended with the TAs sharing this work, which included theater, video, and music, with the entire team.

We left the session energized and confident about another year of impacting students and inspiring public education.
Thank you to the Robin Hood Foundation for providing the space for this orientation!
To meet several Urban Arts Partnership Teaching Artist and browse their portfolios, click here.