Pras’ Master Class

Pras’s Master Class focused on creating advocacy campaigns around the students’ work, including methods of getting the student’s work out there.  Pras shared the trailer and several poignant clips from his documentary “Skid Row” along with a preview of his new documentary, XXX.  Some of the students participating in the Master Class have completed a documentary called “In My Shoes”, documenting the issue of teen homelessness in NYC by sharing the stories of four formerly homeless teens. They are now touring the film and trying to inspire other youth to take action.

Student Quotes:

How has today influenced how you think about your art?

“This Master Class allowed me to see that I am capable of having the same quality work as a famous person if I apply myself.”


How do you feel the arts improve our communities and build multicultural understanding?

Art is the universal language when race and class separate us.