Student Profile

Olivia McClendon



Olivia, Urban Arts Student and Educator

Olivia McClendon is currently pursuing her undergrad at Smith College and taking classes at The New School.  In addition to her studies, Olivia works with UAP as an iCONNECT mentor advocate.  The iCONNECT program acts as a support system that challenges youth to think about the importance of their future, including setting goals and tackling them. Olivia believes that Urban Arts Partnership has played a major role in defining who she is as an artist and an active community member. When she first became involved with seven years ago, she lacked confidence, was afraid to express her opinions, and didn’t realize the talents and potential that she possessed. Through Urban Arts, Olivia says that her horizons were broadened, opportunities emerged and her path in life became clearer. Music is her number one passion, among many, and will continue to be a significant part of her life. Olivia is proud to be part of iCONNECT because it allows her the opportunity to give back to UAP.  She hopes to make students’ dreams more accessible and help shape her mentees so that the opportunities for success are limitless.

In 2009, Urban Arts Partnership awarded the $40,000 Nagler College Scholarship to Olivia McClendon, The Facing History School ’09, Smith College ’13.