Student Profile

Zeran Perry

With the help of the Fresh Prep program and Fresh Prep MC Milan Wiley (pictured, right), Zeran P. increased his Global History regents score from a 32 to a 72.

Zeran Perry was a 2012 Fresh Prep participant at Boys and Girls High School in Brooklyn. When Zeran failed his Global History Regents exam with a score of 32, Principal Stan Kinard introduced him to the Fresh Prep Program, and MC Milan Wiley.

Using the study skills learned in his Fresh Prep classes and the Fresh Prep music that he listened to at home, Zeran beat the test on the next round with a score of 72. Zeran’s advice for Regents re-takers? “The more you pay attention, the more you’re gonna get that stuff stuck in your head. While I was taking my Regents, I was actually singing all the songs… and I learned steps. Do the essay first, trust me! The essay portion and the multiple choice. Get that hard thing out of the way.” Zeran’s next goal? To become a chef.