PS 277 Kindergarten Dance

PS 277″s Kindergarten and 2nd grade students have begun learning tap this year! The kindergartners are exploring how dance class rules, such as following directions, practicing, discipline, and respecting each other”s personal space, help them learn better, both in dance class and in their regular class. It even helps them learn some things that seem pretty challenging at first!

Both kindergarten afterschool classes have been working on their warmup dance. It”s a work in progress that they will practice online casino the entire year! Below you can see the videos of each class, Ms. Angela”s class and Ms. Emily”s class. They have made HUGE progress from the beginning of the year, when many of them had never heard of tap dance. Especially impressive are some of the students who have been diagnosed with developmental delays but have proven that when you focus and work hard, anyone can learn to dance! Great job, 277 kindergartners!