PS 48Q Final Share

A warm welcome back to the final days of school after Memorial Day! At Urban Arts we kicked off last weekend with a lot of art shares with our schools. At PS 48Q, Elliot Montague’s two film programs, Cristina Ambrose’s theatre program, and Bradley Valentin’s chrous class all shared their work with the afterschool community, parents, and staff. Thanks to Ms. Fletcher for hosting, and all of the PS 48Q community for helping us!

Here is a still from the 2nd & 3rd grade and 4th & 5th grade films, with audience reaction:

The Great Toothbrush Robbery

The Zombie Blues

Audience Laughs

Next up was the theater program’s original work, The Angel Play. These actors worked very hard to write, memorize, and block the play!

In this scene, all the characters are introducing themselves to the audience:

And finally, the chorus program presented a version of Tightrope that included some great choreography AND snazzy costumes!

Great job everyone, see you at the Urban Arts Festival in Queens on June 6th!!