PUSH Winter Showcase @ MDPHS

  • Nicholas opens up the event with an original poem

Parents United for Successful High Schools (PUSH) mounts a ground-level response to the needs of children and families in crisis. Research from the Harvard Family Research Project showed us ways to engage low-income families by understanding and directly responding to their needs, interests, and economic realities. PUSH taps into the energy of parental love and promotes a widerange of benefits for our children, including improved school readiness, higher student achievement, better social skills and behavior,and increased likelihood of high school graduation. Key and unique elements here are Carnival, our family engagement workshop series, and Family Dinner, which invites families to the school to share a communal meal (provided at no cost by partner schools)with their children to do homework around the table.

The UAP program for Metropolitan Diploma Plus High School students is a program for peace, unity and opportunity. This afterschool program consists of many different workshops that allow students to pick up different skills that will allow them to prosper and move forward after graduating high school. The PUSH program allows students to express themselves in a creative and positive way.

Recently we had our Mid-Winter showcase where we shared the work that we have created so far in the program!

Written by Shaquanda B., MDPHS student