Science and Visual Arts– Who are we?

Hello!  We are Ms. Takigayama”s Science Class.  In our class this year, we are working with Eliza from Urban Arts.  For our first project, we are learning about different tropical rainforests throughout the world, from Madagascar to the Amazon! We are researching and then drawing the plants and animals that one would find in each rainforest.  Before we get to that though, we thought that we should tell you a little about ourselves. 


Check out the following posts to find out . . .
Directions:  Each student must respond to this post.
1.  First put your name.
2.  Then list 3 words that describe you.
3.  Choose one of those words and explain using 2 – 3 sentences.


  1. Joshua
  2. Fabulous, nice, nice dresser
  3. I’m fabulous because of me.  I love looking in the mirror.


  1. Bianca
  2. Puffy hair, friendly, I like to play handball
  3. I’m friendly because I’m funny and because I like to help people.


  1. Maranda
  2. Happy 24/7, I love ice-skating, I love singing
  3. My godfather taught me how to ice-skate.  When I went ice-skating on my cousin’s birthday and I fell!


  1. Amanda
  2. Basketball, dodgeball, skating
  3. I practice basketball all day.  I like to jump and float to the basket.


  1. Christopher
  2. Born in the US, half This Privacy Policy applies to personal information collected on websites or other web-based environments (including mobile applications) provided and hosted by Schoolwires (collectively “Websites”) for your school, charter school district or other organization (“School”). Puerto Rican, I’m the Vice President of MS 131
  3. I just found out this morning that I won the election.  I’m happy to make more changes for the school.


  1. Terrence
  2. Gamefreak, crazy, playful
  3. I have a lot of friends.  A lot of people know me.


  1. Guo Fu
  2. Smart, silly, funny
  3. I’m smart because I do well and I study.


  1. Chen Xin
  2. Funny, nice, playful
  3. There are so many games I love.  I play a lot of games.


  1. Victoria
  2. I like Iron Man, cars, and I like to be nice to everybody.
  3. It’s important to be nice.


  1. Sheldon
  2. Nice, funny, I love drawing
  3. I love drawing because I love doing art.  I want to be an artist.


  1. Wilson
  2. I’m funny, I like Jackie Chan, I’m good at doing dishes.
  3. Jackie Chan is so good at Kung Fu.  He’s my hero.