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Academy Summer Institute 2014 kicks off!

Our 2014 Academy Summer Institute kicked off last week to start a 4 week artistic intensive program. High School students from throughout New York City come the Academy at Urban Arts Partnership during the month of July to push their […]

Media Mash Up Week!

What is “spring break”?  At The Academy, there is never such thing as a break as our students continue to put in that extra work to hone and refine their crafts. Yes, the commitment is extremely real. April 14th through the 18th saw […]

PUSH Winter Showcase @ MDPHS

Parents United for Successful High Schools (PUSH) mounts a ground-level response to the needs of children and families in crisis. Research from the Harvard Family Research Project showed us ways to engage low-income families by understanding and directly responding to their needs, interests, and economic realities. PUSH taps into the energy of parental love and promotes a widerange of benefits for our children, including improved school readiness, higher student achievement, better social skills and behavior,and increased likelihood […]