News: I.S. 218

When is a Paintbrush more than just a Paintbrush?

In the Everyday Arts for Special Education (EASE) program, Teaching Artists coach classroom teachers in District 75 in our innovative arts curriculum. As an Assistant Teaching Artist in EASE Level I classrooms at Public School [email protected] in the Bronx this […]

Using iPad Cameras in the Classroom

I have had the great benefit of coaching EASE (Everyday Arts in Special Education) for 3 ½ years in NYC schools throughout the 5 boroughs. This program is unique because it does not carry the typical dynamic where the teaching artist […]

Inspiring Teachers While Respecting Their Classrooms

Christopher McKeon, a special education teacher from Staten Island, untwists a nest of pink, blue, and orange Christmas lights that hang from his arm. He is hanging them up in his small classroom at MS [email protected] in Brooklyn. Christopher is […]