The Academy Winter Showcase!

Saturday, December 13th, 2014 I am amazed. Beyond astounded at The Academy team’s ability to transform the conference room into a stage. In just a matter of half an hour, a place where we come to grind our noses into our work had become the most inspiring atmosphere I’ve experienced during my time at UAP. The office lights were all turned off. Three ceiling lamps illuminated the conference room. It was purely ethereal. 

With a make-shift rug on the floor and benches set up on the walls, it solidified what we had already known – this was our home. Students snuggled up with one another as they shared their blood, sweat, and tears. They snapped and loved. They gave words of encouragement. For one night, they became protesters. They were keen to let the world know that their legacy will be left behind.
I was moved to near tears. As Armando spoke on the importance of social justice and legacy, I closed my eyes. I heard the soundtrack to the revolution. I heard the chants of the protesters outside. I heard the helicopters hovering above us. I heard the anxious breaths of the students around me. And despite Armando’s voice, I heard the stillness in the air. This was poetry. The most aesthetic showcase I’ve had a privilege to be a part of. Would The Academy have rented out an outside space for this evening, it wouldn’t be the same.
This wouldn’t have been home. This wouldn’t have been a protest. My only regret is that this night may be left undocumented in the larger pages of history. 

Emmanuel Minaya Program Coordinator
The Academy at Urban Arts Partnership