The Ghetto Talks Team Visits New York 1!

Story by Nicholas Mendez, Producer, Ghetto Talks II
The Media Lab team arrived on the set of New York 1 News in Chelsea at about 8:30 this morning. We were all tired but amazed by the studio and the fact that we were getting to interview a media representative, someone who is part of the process of defining the word ghetto.
News anchor Kristen Shaughnessy has been with New York 1 since 1995. She grew up in upstate New York in a home with no television because her parents wanted her to form her own educated opinions without being influenced by the media.
Today Kristen brings the news into people’s homes every day. “Being a news reporter requires you to be cautious,” she said. She explained that you can’t report the news until it has been confirmed by at least three sources.
Kristen spoke about how she never uses the word ghetto and cautioned others not to use it.  She also offered insightful advice on what people that face hardship need to do to get somewhere in life.  She held countless jobs bartending and waitressing before becoming a journalist, for example. “It doesn’t matter where you start, it’s where you end up that matters,” she said.
After interviewing her for a couple of minutes, we followed Kristen on a tour of the studio.  We got to see the different pieces that go into making a newscast.  From the set to the control and make up rooms, we saw how the anchors and other reporters ready themselves for their shoots.  We experienced first-hand the steps that go into making a television broadcast.  We also got to toy around with being on set: we sat in the very chairs that the anchors sit in to do the news!
After the tour, we shot some extra b-roll and called it a day.  It was an extremely early start, but we got some insightful responses from Kristen.  Being in New York 1 Studiosprovided a fun experience that we won’t soon forget!