This Week: Student Filmmakers Visit Youth Rights Photography Exhibition

UAI Field Trip to Juvenile In Justice

At the Urban Assembly Institute of Math and Science for Young Women, seniors enrolled in an Urban Arts Partnership integration are using documentary filmmaking to bring their civics lessons to life. The class was inspired by Half the Sky, a PBS documentary that is focused on the groups and individuals battling the oppression of women in all forms and weaves together stories from all over the globe. The students, broken into small groups, have chosen to document issues that affect their communities, such as homelessness, gang violence, and domestic violence. Once completed, these short pieces will be combined into one collaborative film.

With Teaching Artist Laurie Krupp, the class recently visited the Juvenile In Justice exhibition at the Ronald Feldman Gallery in SoHo. The exhibition is just one aspect of this large-scale project by photographer Richard Ross, who has photographed and interviewed over 1,000 juveniles and administrators from over 200 detention and incarceration facilities throughout the country. At the gallery, the students were able to see and respond to the sometimes harrowing conditions that their peers behind bars endure and learn how art can bring awareness to social justice issues.

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