UAI Students Design and Construct Geometric Kites

Students from The Urban Assembly Institute of Math & Science for Young Women (UAI) recently designed and flew their own kites!  This year, teaching artist Laurie Krupp is collaborating with 10th grade Geometry teacher Mr. Adrian to integrate design and visual arts into the Geometry curriculum.

Classes designed kites using parallel and perpendicular structures and experimented with various materials to construct their kites so that they would fly as successfully as possible.  To test their finished kites, students recently visited a nearby park to fly them, making adjustments to improve them along the way.  Afterwards, students reflected on how they could improve their kites so that they could fly higher and for longer periods of time.

‘We made kites.  It was a pretty good experience for me to learn how to build it and what materials to use.  The kite helped me with measuring and using a protractor and ruler.  it was helpful.  I didn’t imagine that it would fly, but I was running and it flew!  The weather was beautiful for flying.  Thanks to Ms. Laurie for coming to do this with us.  I never did a project like this. I really liked it.” – Jannat, 10th grade

“My kite is a basic kite, sort of like an irregular diamond.  It’s disappointing that it didn’t fly more, but I had fun making it.  I think if there was more wind it would have been better.  I want to make another kite that maybe could fly better next time.” – Taenisha-Imani, 10th grade