What Does A Visual Art & Math Integration Look Like?

8th grade math students at JHS291 will be creating a large stop motion film that takes place on the coordinate plane! Led by Teaching Artist Brendan Boland and Math Teacher Mr. Rivera, students begun this project by creating a coordinate plane that covers the entire floor of their classroom. They have since used this plane to understand translations, rotations, reflections, and dilations through a series of activities that not only introduce transformations, but also build on basic geometric ideas, group work, and creative problem solving.

Once they have mastered each transformation, students will progress towards filming where they will develop a solid understanding of basic filmmaking techniques such as storyboarding, creating shot lists, and editing.
Mr. Rivera and Brendan have a strong co-teaching partnership, each educator is bringing their expertise to the table, sharing and collaborating – creating a very enriching program for the youth.
This different approach to learning is such a success that an additional class has joined the current program once a week.
Check out the beginning of their project here!