Year End Celebration at IS 230

Urban Arts Partnership’s two after school programs at IS 230 in Jackson Heights are both coming to a close for the school year. The programs culminated with students showcasing work created during the year at a recent evening event for families and friends. We’re proud of all the hard work and creativity that these amazing students have put into their projects this year!

Students in the Photo Club displayed “Epic Jackson Heights,” their original photo guidebook to their beloved neighborhood, as well as their individual photo portfolios of images taken during the year. The book collects students’ original photos and articles about the community, including its attractions, food, culture and history. Students presented selections from the book by reading their work aloud to the audience while images from the book were projected. Each student received her own copy of “Epic Jackson Heights,” and a copy of the book was donated to the school library so that their work can live on within the school for years to come.

“We decided to make a book about our neighborhood, like a brochure about the neighborhood.  I really liked writing an article and taking the pictures.  I think our neighborhood is magnificent and beautiful, and the book is written in our own words.  It tells about how we feel about the neighborhood.” said 6th grader Kayla.

“I liked the way we learned different techniques to take photos that look cool.  I will remember my friends and our teacher by looking at the book we made.” remarked fellow 6th grader Amber.

“I like that our book shows how to get to Jackson Heights.  I want people who see the book to know how much work we did.  This year I learned how to take good pictures, and more about Jackson Heights.” added 7th grader Julissa.

The students also solicited book reviews from their classmates that were not part of the Photo Club:

“My favorite part of the book is how it shows and describes Jackson Heights.  I like how it’s organized.  I want people outside the area to know what Jackson Heights is like” – Syeda, 6th grade

“I like the part about the bowling alley because I go there a lot with my family.  I also like the biographies of the students because it reflects and shows how the kids are.  It’s interesting and helpful to check out the book to find out places to go.” – Ashley, 6th grade

Besides the Photo Club, students in the Mask Making Club also celebrated their accomplishments at the culminating event.  They displayed a large number of both large and small Vejigante masks that they created in paper mache.  Students painted and decorated the masks so that they represented various aspects of their personalities, interests and heritage.  The group also presented an animation they made featuring their masks, which can be seen below.

“I learned how to make masks and paint them.  We also made sculptures and statues.  My favorite part was making the masks because it was fun.  I made a lizard mask with a long tongue and big eyes.” – Charlie, 7th grade

“This year I learned how to make a mask with a round shape out of recycled cardboard and newspaper.  I like painting the best because it was some time to think and decide which colors to use.  My favorite project was a sculpture of a person, and the little Vejigantes we made.” – Carolina, 6th grade