24 Hour Plays in the School- Intercession 2010 NDHS


13 dedicated students hone acting and writing skills through a series of rigorous workshops where they conceive of, write, rehearse and perform 3 original works in the span of 24 hours. 


This is our second year working during Intersession at NDHS and this year our program runs over the course of three days.  Part-master class, part-production workshop, part-zanny ass-kicking adrenaline high, the 24 Hour Plays in the Schools is an experience not to be forgotten.


Joining forces for the 2nd year in a row, New Design English teacher Avi Kline and I are working withSydney White and Maxine Batchler, 2 sophomore Life Stories writers, Maynor Alas, Life Stories alumni 2009, and nine New Design seniors with very little acting experience.  Playwright Harrison Rivers, who received his Broadway debut at the 2009 24 Hour plays on Broadway, joins us as playwright in residence.  Our guest directors and master artists are Rosie Perez, Michael Kenneth Williams, and Gabby Hoffman, all of whom have acted in the 24 Hour Plays on Broadway!

No one really knows what they are getting into.  But over the course of the next 3 days, they will be transformed from ordinary HS students,  into seasoned actors and writers, and complete their first 24 Hour Plays…all in the span of 24 hours!  Lets go!!