Black History Month Celebration at Kurt Hahn

Last week, students at Kurt Hahn ELS showcased a jaw-dropping Black History Presentation during a special school assembly. The chief visionary and producer behind the presentation was Junior TA Kasiem Walters. Alongside the brilliant direction of Site Coordinator Milan Wiley and artistic support from TA Harold Akyeampong, Kasiem created a Black History Presentation that relayed the epic tale of the middle passage,  incorporating contemporary ballet, West African dance and drumming, hip-hop, poetry, and performance art. This vast variety of art best online casino forms illustrates the multidisciplinary approach to The Renaissance Society, Kurt Hahn”s afterschool program led by TA Jidenna Mobisson. With the goal of transforming each student into a Renaissance man or woman, the Society invites a new teaching artist each month to train students in a new art form. Junior participant Kierra Canada, the narrator of the show, summarizes the Society eloquently by describing it as “a buffet of art.”