Brandeis High School’s “Good Lookin’ Photo Club”


“This class has changed my eye, the way I see, and has made me more aware of the little things.” – Ruhala M.
The Good Lookin’ Photo Club of Louis D. Brandeis High School, led by Teaching Artist Yarrow Lutz,  took their point & shoot cameras out on the town recently to collect images from their local surroundings. With a focus on the uniqueness canada goose jakke of New York and the juxtaposition of city and nature, these students found images scattered on the streets and horizons of New York City. These photos show strong contrast, bold colors, subtle reflections, and the organic shapes of nature blending with the manmade patterns of architecture.

“I never noticed the wonderful light from the sun SY0-301 exam and how the colors blend right before it sets.” – Jose M.