Comedic Theater Performance at IS 62

The students in IS 62’s “Laughter’s Cool” after school theater program have been exploring comedy this year with teaching artist Jesse Myerson.  They recently performed their original horror parody play entitled “The President’s Adventures in Bizarre-o World” in the school for their peers and families.  The play tells the story of a fictional American president who falls alseep one night only to be awakened by a ghost who leads him through a portal to a mysterious mirror world where everything has an eerie twist.  The president must find a way to overcome the obstacles of this ‘Bizarre-O World” and return back to reality, where everything is once again as it should be. (OR is it?!….)   After the performance, the cast and writers took questions from the audience and received feedback for improving the play for their next performance.  Later in the spring, students will be writing and performing their own stand up comedy material.  Students are well on their way to becoming future kings and queens of comedy!

“I thought it was awesome because this was my first time on stage.  My favorite part was when we were rehearsing and we got to fix our mistakes.” – Umar, 6th grade

“I was kind of nervous, but it was really fun.  I like performing because it shows people I have talent, and shows who I really am.” – Taylor, 6th grade

“I think we did great.  I am good at saying my lines and helping write the play.  I want to work on my voice so I can be louder.” – Kiara, 6th grade

“I was nervous and excited.  I had fun making people laugh and I feel happy when I can make the audience happy.” – Keria, 6th grade