Dance Performance at IS 237Q

The students in IS 237’s after school dance program recently performed their work in the school auditorium for their peers and families.  They presented a traditional African doundounba piece set to contemporary hip hop music, as well as a dance made up of a variety of different moves from various South American cultures.  Led by teaching artist Farrah Bell, students also each created a customized tee shirt to give their costumes an individualized touch.  They closed the performance by teaching the audience a few moves from a Brazilian dance they recently began learning.

Students each performed a solo dance they each choreographed themselves.

Students were proud to get the audience up on their feet and share some of what they’ve learned by teaching the audience a few moves.

“Today there was a performance for anyone who wanted to come.  We showed the dance we’ve been working on for weeks.  We did an African dance and a Spanish dance.  We showed what we can do and mixed different styles.  Our costumes were shirts that we cut and designed however we wanted with skirts.  To me, being in dance is about showing people about what you can do, and I want other people to see that they can do it too.” – Vivian, 7th grade

“I felt nervous because I’m the only guy and I had to memorize my own steps.  I felt shy because there were a lot of people in the audience.  I felt good about being right up front.  I liked the idea that we made our own costumes.” – Saul, 8th grade

“It felt good to perform because it showed a lot of people what we’ve been learning and how we can spread culture by dancing.  My favorite part was when I helped my friend remember the steps.  The dance club can really be inspiring to people to not be lazy and also to learn something new each and every day.” – Minah, 6th grade

“We showed people that we can do traditional African dance to modern music.  I like that you get to show people what you learned and you can have a good time on stage.  I love the costumes because they’re original to us and we made them.  They represented each of us and how we are.  If you want to express yourself, you should do it by dancing because you can evoke different emotions.  If you never danced before, you shouldn’t be shy.  If you don’t try, you’ll never know how it feels.” – Carla, 7th grade