Debut Gallery Show at UAP Offices

A group of students from Manhattan Academy of Arts & Language (MAAL) recently visited the UAP offices to curate a show of their work and install it in our new gallery space.  We are thrilled to now have a dedicated space for a rotating display of original art from our amazing students.


Teaching artist Elise Rasmussen has been partnering this year with Mr. Dwyer, the school’s ELA teacher, to integrate photography and visual arts into the ELA curriculum.  The project featured in the gallery consists of a series of portraits students took of one another with corresponding poems that explore identity.  Through their words and images, students decided how they wanted to present themselves to the world, and what aspects of their lives have shaped their sense of who they are.  Students experimented with various lighting techniques to help capture their personalities and also explored how to incorporate text into their compositions.  Working with Elise at the office, students edited the photos, added text in Photoshop, framed them, and decided how they should be displayed.


“The project was about describing ourselves and showing how we feel.  I think taking photos is another way to express how you feel in a moment.  I liked writing the poem most.  It was kind of hard to express myself.  It’s really cool to have our project in the gallery.  I hope people see it and understand that it can be hard to express yourself, but you can think with your heart and show how you really are.” – Perla, 10th Grade


“I feel so happy to have our work in the gallery.  I feel important.  It’s good for us to help put the work up because it’s our work and our friends’ work.” – Milenka, 9th Grade


“We had to talk about ourselves and what we think people think about us.  I learned about others in my class through the project… about people’s character and favorite things.  I feel like we did a great job and I am proud of myself to have my work in the gallery.” – Stecy, 9th Grade


“We took photographs and created something to show our personality.  The project makes you think about how you really are.  I learned about editing photos and writing poems.  My favorite part was getting to work with the computer.  I want people to see my picture and feel what I felt when I took the picture and wrote the poem.” – Laura, 9th Grade