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Urban Arts Partnership and District 75, New York’s special education district, have received an Investing in Innovation Fund (i3) award from the U.S. Department of Education. The $4.6 million grant, combined with a $500,000 contribution from National Philanthropic Trust, funds a five-year project developing arts programs for special education students.

Everyday Arts for Special Education (EASE) is a professional development program designed to improve student achievement in the areas of communication, socialization, academic learning, and arts proficiency through integrated, arts-based approaches. Through a series of training workshops and extensive in-school support, participating teachers in ten treatment schools learn skills and strategies across multiple arts disciplines (music, dance, visual arts, and theater) in order to integrate the arts into their classroom instruction. In addition, we broaden the reach of the project beyond these schools by offering EASE training to other teachers within District 75 through its District-wide professional development program, to special education teachers and college students through Summer Seminar workshops, and to special education administrators nationwide through Administrators’ Workshops. Through treatment schools and other training efforts, EASE will serve 40,795 students. The project is evaluated by Dr. Rob Horowitz, Associate Director of the Center for Arts Education Research at Teachers College, Columbia University.

  • Time: All workshops begin at 8:15 and run until 2:45.
  • Location: Urban Arts Partnership HQ, 21 Howard Street 5th Floor New York, NY 10013

Contact Information

District 75
Kathy London, Arts Instructional Support Specialist, 212-802-1585, [email protected]

Urban Arts Partnership
Lauren Jobson-Ahmed, Program Coordinator, 212-966-5881×322, [email protected]

Stefanie Singer, Program Assistant, 212-966-5881×322, [email protected]

Jennifer Raine, Curriculum Designer, 718-578-7397, [email protected]

Sita Frederick, Program Manager, 212-966-5881×318, [email protected]

EASE Downloads:

Program Overview Documents
Program Overview » Click to Download
Program Policy Information » Click to Download
Program Contact Information » Click to Download
Workshop Schedule » Click to Download
EASE Essentials » Click to Download
Rules+Play=Game » Click to Download
Classroom Set-up Guidelines » Click to Download

Curriculum Documents
Level I, Workshop 1 Activities » Click to Download
Level I, Workshop 1 Activities Checklist » Click to Download
Level I Lesson Plan Template » Click to Download

Instructional Tools: Go and Stop Cards
Go and Stop Cards » Click to Download

Instructional Tools: Action Cards
Foot Cards » Click to Download
Lap Cards » Click to Download
Clap Cards » Click to Download

Instructional Tools: Loud/Quiet Cards
Loud and Quiet Cards » Click to Download
Loud/Quiet: Clap » Click to Download
Loud/Quiet: Stomp » Click to Download
Loud/Quiet: Lap » Click to Download
Loud/Quiet: Sticks » Click to Download
Loud/Quiet: Finger Cymbal » Click to Download
Loud/Quiet: Eggs » Click to Download
Loud/Quiet: Drum » Click to Download
Loud/Quiet: Castanet » Click to Download

Instructional Tools: Quarter Page Instrument Cards
Castanets: Quarter Page » Click to Download
Finger Cymbals: Quarter Page » Click to Download
Eggs: Quarter Page » Click to Download
Drums: Quarter Page » Click to Download
Sticks: Quarter page » Click to Download


“1. Greeting Ritual” » Click to Download

“2. Dancing Ritual” » Click to Download

“3. Chill out music” » Click to Download

“4. EASE Improv CDEGAC” » Click to Download

“5. EASE Blues Improv DFAGC” » Click to Download

39 West 19th Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10011
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 212-966-5881
Fax: 212-966-5911

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