Experimental Videos at MS 258 Community Action School

Students in MS 258’s after school video program have been working with teaching artist Daniel Heffernan to create experimental, non-narrative videos. These “video poems” focus on shapes and patterns and utilize a wide range of effects in iMovie to transform their footage into these unique pieces. The students did all the shooting and editing themselves and we look forward to their next project, a series of short promotional videos focusing on the school and the things that make it a great place to learn.

“This class taught movies are made by filming, editing, and importing.  Movies are like other art forms because you can also express yourself in other art forms.  I think art is important. I think that because art is a way to express yourself.” – Brent

“I think movies are like other art forms because they mostly all tell stories in them.  This class taught me about how movies are made by showing me examples of images.” – Yarissa