Fast Company Reports From The Writers Room at The 24 Hour Plays: Los Angeles

What does it take to write a fully-formed short play in just a few short hours? Fast Company reporter Taffy Brodesser-Akner sat in for The 24 Hour Plays: Los Angeles Writers Overnight to find out.

“But none had anything to say about worry that they wouldn’t make their deadline, or urgency. Yes, they were worried about doing a good job. But they weren’t really worried about bombing, or not getting the work in on time. My hypothesis had been that a short deadline might yield some sort of urgent creativity, hilarity they never knew they possessed. But as they explained to me, they’re always on deadline. They’re used to handing in work that they feel could be better if given more time. They don’t really understand why they’re funny. It just kind of happens. Ah, the banality of genius.

But that’s not to say there’s nothing to learn from the event or the writers about the creative process. What you could learn most from watching these writers at the 24-Hour Plays is probably something you could have learned watching them over a month: Not one of them reported staring at the blank page, unable to move forward. Sure, it took a while for some to get started, but none of them ever felt their abilities had been frozen, the way we think when we’re unable to move forward with the next sentence. In other words, no one had what we call writer’s block.”

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