Film Program at ITAVA

Students in the after school Filmmaking program at It Takes a Village Academy (ITAVA) in Brooklyn have begun work on a series of original short films with teaching artist Brendan Boland.  The films depict scenes set in a fictional high school and tell stories of daily life for students and teachers.  The students are participating in the project in a range of roles, such as writing the scripts, acting, and also doing the camera work.

“The film is really interesting.  It’s about typical high school days and how students deal with stuff.  Today we were working on a specific scene about a girl who has issues at home.  She has a lot of anger and is talking to a teacher about it.  I love both writing and acting.  I wrote the script, but once we all talked about it as a group, it came out different and better.  I love this class because I can be myself and different characters at the same time.” – Christelle, 10th grade

“Today I was using the camera.  I moved around to different places to help show what characters were saying and what was happening.  Sometimes I did close ups to show the person who’s talking more clearly and what they are feeling.  I’m filming the action, and the actors are acting according to how the scene goes.” – Shener, 11th grade