Fun! Brr! Yes!…iCONNECT at Bryant Park!

On Friday the 13th, iCONNECT teens from HSAII (High School for Arts, Imagination & Inquiry) started the afternoon with excitement and joy which was a great energy to have on our FIRST trip! Getting to know each other by busting our bottoms and competing for who skates the best is quite interesting at Bryant Park. Lots of laughs, smiling faces, some bruises here and there.  Was it worth it? Totally.

Yes, after school means going to programs, clubs, work, anything that gets us away from school is how we envision our Fridays. Not in this case! After the planning, the options, and the “Oh my god” comments, we came to mobile casino a conclusion to go to Bryant Park and simply ice skate.

We were all super nervous (well, 80% percent of us), because we either didn”t have experience or we were just “too cool” to do this. When we saw how fun it looked, that”s when our curiosity grew which secretly motivated us. Of course there were falls, and bumps but the key to ice skate is teamwork. Some were experts and others were newbies. But helping each other out brought us a lot closer. Did we want the day to end? Not at all! And to top it all, once everyone was all set to go, hot chocolate gave us the warm feeling of “Ah, we should do this again.” The secret formula? A successful trip plus great kids equals a happy Friday ending.

Post written by iCONNECT Mentor Evelin Munoz