Ghetto Talks Screens at Tribeca Film Institute’s our City, My Story

On Tuesday, April 27, the Media Lab crew attended the 2010 Our City, My Story film festival hosted by the Tribeca Film Institute.  Ghetto Talks was one of thirteen films chosen to be in this year’s festival.  It was an astonishing night—from the red carpet to the big screen!  New York 1 and other major media outlets were there to cover the event.  We felt like superstars walking down the red carpet with all the photographers taking our picture.

 Some of the films at the Tribeca screening took a lot of personal conviction to complete.  Others were funny but proved a clear and concise point.  I was surprised by how much you can achieve when you put your mind to a cause and devote your heart.

Cinematographer Shamrod Lockwood and I represented Ghetto Talks during the Question and Answer period after the screening.   At first I was nervous to go in front of the auditorium full of people.  My nerves took over and I felt overwhelmed, but I proudly stood and expressed my feelings.  I was happy to represent the Media Lab crew.

One audience member asked the filmmakers to discuss how much assistance program supervisors provided in the production of our films.  Sham and I answered that the Urban Arts Partnership teachers basically put the camera in our hands and told us we had six weeks to complete our project.  The concept was completely derived from our own choices, and filming and editing were completely run by us.  Though we did receive some assistance with networking—our supervisors reached out to actor Anthony Mackie, writer Cora Daniels, and recording artist Pharoahe Monch—, student producers organized the rest.

After the screenings the Media Lab crew walked around and mingled with other filmmakers.  We discussed the filmmaking process, congratulated each other and exchanged contact information.

was an incredible night!  You can check out a video about our experience here: