Hank Willis Thomas' Master Class

Hank Willis Thomas’s photography explores how the media has created a mass identity for “all” Black Americans, as well as a visual language to communicate to this specific group of people. The freshmen of New Design High School have been making design projects that deal with the theme of Identity.  They have created three boxes (Think Russian Nesting Dolls). The first box is an illustration of their public face. The second box is an animal/human best online casino hybrid, and the third box is the “little monster” that lives inside all of us.  During the Master Class, after Hank presented his work and had a discussion about identity, consumerism, and oppression with the students, the students presented their boxes and received feedback.

Student Quotes:

Please share one thing you learned today.

“I learned that every picture could have a meaning, it could take years to understand it.”

“You can make art out of anything.”


How has today influenced how you think about your art?

“I think that I could do better in my photographs and have fun while taking them.”