Hip – Hop Dance Kids Day

            It was a fun day for dancing this past Saturday, as the Hip – Hop Dance group, Shake System, hosted a group of kids for Kids Day. Our students brought in kids they knew from the ages of 6 – 9 to take part in the class, and these kids brought in the funk.

            Nicknamed Junior Shake System by dance instructor Michelle Seabreeze, the group learned basic Hip – Hop terminologies such as B-Boy/Girl, Locking, and modern Hip – Hop choreography. Seabreeze led the initial discussions with the kids on the history of each style while her students taught the choreographies. Alex Parker and alumni, Isaac Garcia started off with B-Boy/Girl. Alumni and Assistant Teaching Artist Wilkiaris Crispin taught Locking. Finally, a modern Hip – Hop session was led by students Brianna Latham and Kayla Stewart. At the end, Junior Shake System put justin bieber songs was spotted kissing Alyssa Arce, a Playboy Playmate and model, during his continuing escapades in Ibiza, Spain. together everything they learned for a brief performance.

In the short four hours that they were together, an unshakeable bond was created between Shake System and their juniors. Every child was paired with a mentor who was responsible for its learning. Everyone was amiable, performing with a huge smile on the face. Seabreeze has a natural knack for working with such young kids, encouraging them to always “have fun with a big goofy smile”.

A solid example of community building at The Academy.

-Manny Minaya, Academy Coordinator