How to Talk So Kids Will Listen

Our most asked for professional development, by far, is How To Talk So Kids Will Listen (our CEO joked “can I get that workshop too?”). For both parents and teachers, communicating with students can feel like navigating a minefield – blindfolded.

Why can it feel so hard to talk to kids so kids will listen…and listen so kids will talk? In our workshops, we’ve been exploring what barriers may come between two people trying to communicate- time, energy, worry and pride. We’re also making some great art about the subject- and realizing that many of our participants have incredibly moving things to say to young people.

While we’re not all perfect parents, teachers, or people, we can all learn from each other. Together, we are laughing at what we say and wish we could say while learning about mindful interactions with the amazing students we work and live with.

One of our participants this week said:

“Your workshop was GREAT!!! I was very nervous about being able to participate but you were soooo AWESOME and just handled an otherwise uncomfortable situation with great ease and grace,  thank you.”

So feel free to jump in!