I sometimes have a flair for the ridiculous.

The goal was to raise awareness for UAP after school programs by running around the school track with the students. I decided to up the ante and wear long white tube socks, short shorts, and an orange headband. Let”s be honest: I looked a fool! However, students took notice and asked about my ensemble and why I was even there. Mission accomplished! Score one for Team James. Then there was the actual run. I ran one lap and laid down. More laughter. James doesn”t quit. I ran the other lap- I did stop to chat to the football team several times and curse my mother for giving birth to me, but I did it. Score one for youth and online casino score 50 for being old. Great sportsmanship was exhibited amongst the students as they patted my back and laughed. I think they laughed with me although I wasn”t laughing.
I spy with my little eye a piece of rope aka “tug of war!” Girls vs boys. Lots of arguing about when to start pulling and who would win and who was or was not a strong person. Boys were talking lots of smack but, when it came down to it, girls kicked their butts! Boys had to literally “wipe that dirt off they shoulder.” A great day. Girls won a surprise present of homemade cupcakes. We spread word of our programs. I”m excited to see what happens next week!