IS 145’s Theater Program Attends A Performance of “You Are Now the Owner of this Suitcase”

Students from IS 145’s after school Theater Club in Jackson Heights, Queens recently attended an inspiring performance of Theater 167’s production of You Are Now the Owner of this Suitcase. The play was created by Jackson Heights playwrights, based on hours of interviews from neighborhood residents about childhood memories of the community. The play tells interwoven stories of love and community in a magical realism style. In the words of Jefferson Jacome, “I think it was breathtaking! I like the parts where they don’t know each other but the characters’ destinies seem to be intertwined.” Kerry Lin explained that the most exciting part of the play, “is how small this world is because almost everyone knows each other.” Solviany Villanueva took away the idea that, “Along the world, magic exists in different ways. The main theme was that magic is what creates our world and makes it interesting in new ways.”

Stay tuned for the magic created in our classroom in our last few months of classes!