IS 528 Digital Portrait

For the Digital Portrait project, students from IS 528’s after school Video Club wrote short declarative statements about their daily lives and experiences at school. They developed storyboards to accompany these scripts, and then recorded interviews of one another and shot “b-roll” footage to represent/illustrate their vocal track. Audio and visuals were assembled into a non-narrative video piece. As a reflection, each student made two collages, one addressing “What I learned making the video” and one addressing “What I hope to improve upon in the future.” Student collages were collected into a reflection zine and each student received a copy.  Sample images from the zine are below:

“We cut out letters for the beginning part and took pictures to animate them to make the titles.  We did interviews about our school and what we think about it.” – Laurisa, 7th grade

“I like how we animated the letters and made them move. My role was to help with the titles to animate the letters.  I want people to notice this part of the video and think about how we did it.” – Andres, 7th grade

“One message of the video is about how we have fun at this school.  I was interviewed about what I like to do and also I was part of the dancing scene.” – Luis, 6th grade

“My favorite part of the project was the dancing and using the camera and computers.  I like using the camera because I like to use equipment and push the buttons.  I liked working with everybody.” – Isabel, 7th grade