Life Stories Open Class and Semester Round Up!

Life Stories has rocked the past semester after a stellar finish over last summer. We return with some new cast members, some returning faces and more vigor than ever to one-up the past year and continue the study of acting!

This year the main focus is using the students to portray stories of their generation. While in the past Life Stories has been about the study of individuals and the performance of those real people in students lives, we have been overlooking their expert knowledge of their own experiences and lives that we see through their hard work and performances, but not through their voices. This year their study is concentrated on extracting that expertise.

This past semester has been spent ensemble building and using exercises that, while fun, get to the root of what our students desire and want in their lives. As we built up this understanding, we shifted to working with existing scripts about young people. We used master works She Like Girls by Chisa Hutchinson and Ordinary People by Judith Guest to workshop student performances and make the connections between the young people in the play and our own burgeoning actors.

After several classes of script reading, students were assigned two person scenes from either play and given a single session and the rest of the week to practice it leading up to the open class this past week. Though this was just a showcase of the work we’ve done so far, the students went all out and performed intimate, personal and well realized scenes that conveyed the power of their voices and the skill they have honed over the years.

Moving forward, we begin our character building and start to build for our show in the Spring. We have some surprises, more exciting developments and great performances to come this year, so check out the photos below of this past weekends work and stay posted for more updates!